DSD Pharma is aligned with the current state of science and the latest findings in nuclear medicine.

DSD Pharma GmbH was founded in June 2013 as a private distribution company by Dr Susanne Dorudi.

With a PhD in chemistry, she worked in research before moving to Sales & Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry in 1997. She was active in European and international corporations. She gained extensive experience in various medical fields, including haemostaseology, gynaecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine, cardiology, radiology, and finally in nuclear medicine at Mallinckrodt/Tyco Healthcare/Covidien.

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Our Mission

DSD Pharma develops a product portfolio for and with its customers according to the current state of research, development, and availability. DSD Pharma thus facilitates the provision of new products for users and the best possible diagnostics, therapeutics and therapy for patients.

Our Vision

DSD Pharma makes a decisive contribution to improving the diagnostics, theranostics, therapy and quality of life of patients. DSD Pharma puts high value on the best services for its customers and is a competent partner in all questions in the field of nuclear medicine.

Our Code of Conduct

Innovation based on a robust scientific foundation lies at the heart of DSD Pharma and is a pivotal element of its strategy and success.

DSD Pharma sets a high standard for the best possible service regarding the reliable supply of its products to gain and retain the trust of its customers. The constant focus on the highest quality also includes improved standards and technologies and training and further education of the employees.

The commitment to the field of nuclear medicine requires the consistent implementation of and compliance with legal framework conditions and state-of-the-art safety standards.

The DSD Pharma team is known for being results-oriented and shows an extraordinary commitment to achieving objectives. The DSD Pharma team continuously strives to strengthen this commitment to personal and collective achievement while maintaining high ethical standards; this also includes equality, which is taken into account regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, origin or religion considering the personal and professional development potential of each individual.

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